Kundali Bhagya 17 December 2019 Written Update: Rishabh And Karan Fight About Preeta

In tonight's episode, Rishabh finds Karan drinking after the engagement and scolds him for not stopping Preeta's arrest.

Still from Kundali Bhagya with Karan and Rishabh

In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Kareena continues to insult Preeta while waiting for the police to show up. Karan asks Preeta why she wanted to stop his engagement. Preeta says she wants to get revenge on Karan and she doesn’t want any other girl to go through what she had to. When the police show up to arrest Preeta, Karan stops them. He goes and collects his engagement ring from Preeta, who demands that the police take her away immediately. Preeta calls up Sarla from the police station asking for help. Karan hesitates to put the ring on Mahira’s hand.

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In tonight’s episode, Karan remembers all his memories with Preeta before putting the ring on Mahira’s finger. He remembers how Preeta insulted him that day and puts the ring on Mahira’s finger. Mahira too rushes to put a ring on his finger and the engagement is complete. Rakhi gives Karan sweets but he doesn’t look happy. Mahira, on the other hand is too happy to see how upset Karan is.

Sarla goes to the police station and finds Preeta and Srishti there. She looks sternly at them but then decides to speak to the police first. The police taunt her saying that Preeta and Srishti tried to break someone’s engagement. Sarla says he doesn’t know the whole story so he should not comment. Sarla pays bail and frees her daughters but she decides to get teach them a lesson at home.

Still from Kundali Bhagya
Sarla saves Preeta and Srishti from going to jail.

Mahira is happy about her engagement. She asks her mother, Ramona, to not inform her father about it. Ramona is not too happy with Karan’s engagement, but Mahira doesn’t listen to her. Rishabh scolds Karan for not stopping the police from taking Preeta away. Karan refuses to accept his mistake and Rishabh decides he cannot take Karan’s side anymore.

Preeta cries at home in bed. Srishti apologises for what happened that night. The next morning Sarla refuses to talk to Preeta or Srishti but they both manage to convince her that they did nothing wrong. Preeta’s neighbour comes home with a wedding card. She begins taunting Preeta about her failed marriage to Karan and then Prithvi. How will Preeta respond? Stay tuned to find out.

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