Kundali Bhagya 19 February 2019 Preview: Will Billa’s Body Be Discovered By The Luthras?

Prithvi has hidden Billa's body inside a box that has been placed in the main hall of the Luthra household. Will they discover Billa's body?

A Still From Kundali Bhagya Starring Billa

In the last episode of Kundali Bhagya, we saw Monisha saving Prithvi’s life when Billa tries to attack him. She hits Billa with a rod and he faints. Monisha and Prithvi quickly dump his body inside a box. While leaving the room, Monisha bumps into Preeta, who suspects something fishy between her and Prithvi. She asks him about the same but he covers up saying that he was with Monisha as he was trying to convince her not to marry Karan for Preeta’s sake. But she doesn’t believe him and Prithvi panics when she asks a helper to take the box (which has Billa inside) outside to the hall for the rituals.

A Still From Kundali Bhagya Starring Sanjay Gagnani As Prithvi
A still from Kundali Bhagya starring Sanjay Gagnani as Prithvi

Meanwhile, Monisha goes to get ready for the wedding but is furious when she discovers that her wedding lehenga is torn. Rishabh on the other hand is concerned after being informed that there was a criminal case filed against Prithvi. Karan is worried about getting married to Monisha and seeks comfort from his family members, who assure him that they are trying to do whatever they can to stop this marriage. Monisha barges in and threatens the Luthra family saying that they have nothing on her and that she will make their life miserable.

A Still From Kundali Bhagya Starring Mahira Sharma And Dheeraj Dhoopar As Monisha And Karan
A still from Kundali Bhagya starring Mahira Sharma and Dheeraj Dhoopar as Monisha and Karan

She marches off with Karan chasing after her to tell her off for her vile behaviour. Rishabh runs after him, to stop him but bumps into Prithvi. The episode ends with Rishabh being in a fix as to whether catch Prithvi or stop Karan. 

In the upcoming episode, we will see Prithvi on the edge of the seat as he comes close to getting caught! The box with Billa in it is placed in the main hall and is being opened up by a pandit. Will he discover Billa’s body?

Also, Monisha will taunt Karan about Preeta, making him furious. He will raise his hand to slap her but will he go ahead? Their conversation is overheard by Srishti, who further learns the truth about Monisha and how evil she really is.

Will Srishti tell Preeta? And will Karan end up slapping Monisha? Stay tuned for all the updates!

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