Kundali Bhagya 4 July 2019 Preview: Karan Asks Preeta To Marry Him?

In the next episode, Karan enters Preeta's bedroom in the morning. He says that he is the right guy to marry her and not Prithvi.

Still of Karan and Preeta

In tonight’s episode of Kundali Bhagya, Prithvi tries to make Preeta think of a future with him. Preeta avoids Prithvi and asks him to leave her alone for a while. Sherlyn instigates Karan against Preeta, but Karan ends up missing Preeta and considers apologising to her. The next day, Prithvi shows up at Preeta’s house to ask her hand in marriage. Karan’s father gets a call which makes him leave the breakfast table without eating his food.

Catch a sneak peek of the next episode here.

In the next episode, Karan is in Preeta’s bedroom while Prithvi is waiting outside with Preeta’s family. Karan holds Preeta close and asks her to call off her wedding with Prithvi. He says that he has a much better guy for her. Karan says that he is himself the right guy for Preeta. Will Preeta accept Karan’s proposal after everything that happened between them? Stay tuned to find out.

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