Manmohini 10 January 2020 Preview: In 300th Episode, Shiv Becomes A Monster, Bites Ananya

In Manmohini's 300th episode, Ananya decides to marry Shiv for real. After the wedding, Shiv turns into a beast and bites Ananya.

Still from Manmohini with Shiv and Ananya

In tonight’s episode of Manmohini, Ananya and Shiv help clean up the guest room for Amar to stay in. Amar feels jealous seeing Ananya laughing and enjoying the room cleaning. He decides to help them. Later, Ananya and Shiv cannot decide who picked the better bedsheet for Amar. Shiv picks the bedsheet Ananya chose for him.

Mohini decides to kill Amar because she doesn’t want anyone between her and Shiv. When she goes to Amar’s room she finds a photo proving that Shiv is actually Mann. She tries to kill Amar in his sleep but he wakes up and snatches the knife from her. Amar hugs Mohini and calls her his choti mummy. Ananya notices that no one is watching her and she decides to sneak into Shiv’s room.

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In the next episode, Ananya goes to Shiv’s room. She suggests that instead of pretending to be married, they should get married. Shiv and Ananya are taking the saat phere that night in the living room with no one else watching. When they complete the saat phere, Shiv turns into a beast and bites Ananya. What made Shiv become a monster? Find out tomorrow.

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