Manmohini: 5 Romantic Scenes Between Shiv And Ananya That Will Make You Root For Them

Karam Rajpal and Vaishali Takkar recently joined Zee TV show Manmohini as the lead pair Shiv and Ananya.

1. Shiv watches Ananya dance in the rain

Ananya dances in the rain
Ananya dances in the rain

Karam Rajpal and Vaishali Takkar were recently introduced as the new lead pair Shiv and Ananya on Zee TV show Manmohini. Ever since their entry, the show has been witnessing interesting plot twists and keeping viewers hooked. In fact, Karam and Vaishali’s sizzling chemistry has taken centre stage and the audience is loving their fresh pairing. Karam’s character Shiv is shown to be Ram and Mohini’s son while Ananya is a chirpy UP girl. Their paths crossed and love has now found a way but will Shiv and Ananya’s love story have a happy ending? Well, we will have to wait and watch to find that out. In the meantime, check out these five romantic scenes between Shiv and Ananya from Manmohini.

Ananya uses Shiv to get rid of the groom her family selects for her. Later, we see Ananya dancing in the room as a lovestruck Shiv stands there and watches her enjoy the downpour. Filmy but it is utterly romantic!

2. Shiv and Ananya come closer

Shiv and Ananya get intimate
Shiv and Ananya get intimate

Shiv and Ananya don’t start off on a pleasant note. However, the more they fight, the more they come closer. This scene where Shiv drapes a saree and falls on Ananya just tugs at our heartstrings.

3. Ananya confesses her feelings to Shiv

Ananya confesses her feelings to Shiv
Ananya confesses her feelings to Shiv

A night before the haldi function, Ananya admits to Shiv that she loves him. She even urges him to not marry her cousin, but Shiv is helpless and doesn’t listen. He pours cold water on her head and asks her to leave.

4. Ananya and Shiv steal glances at the haldi function

Karam Rajpal and Vaishali Thakkar in Manmohini
Karam Rajpal and Vaishali Takkar in Manmohini

At the haldi ceremony, Ananya mixes chili powder with turmeric to teach Shiv a lesson. However, he happily gets the paste applied and doesn’t say a word to her. “Tumhare haathon se mujhe kabhi dard nahi mil sakta,” Shiv tells Ananya. Aww!

5. Shiv admits his feelings to Ananya

In the latest episodes, Shiv sees Ananya’s blood and the devil in him takes over. He then confesses to an unconscious Ananya how he cannot be with her despite loving her so much. Will Ananya hear this revelation?

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