Manmohini Actor Zuber K. Khan Finds Playing A Superhuman Vanraj “Interesting”

Talking about his role in Manmohini show, Zuber told a news agency "Vanraj is a superhuman and he possesses this special ability to turn into a lion."

Zuber K Khan in a still from Manmohini

Television actor Zuber K. Khan is the latest addition of Zee TV show Manmohini. Zuber of And TV show Vikram Betaal Ki Rahasya Gatha fame entered the show as Vanraj. His character has special powers and is half-human and half-lion. Talking about his new role, Zuber told a leading news agency, “I am a huge fan of supernatural thrillers and essaying a superhuman is going to be extremely interesting.”

He further added, The entire description of the character was something that drew me to the character,” Zuber said in a statement.

Manmohini recently took a one-year leap. The viewers saw Mohini casting a spell on Ram, taking charge of all his senses. In a shocking twist, Ram doesn’t remember Siya at all and doesn’t have any memory of even meeting her let alone marry her. Post leap, the narrative focuses on Ram and Mohini, where the former is under her control.

A still from Manmohni show
A still from Manmohni show. (Source: ZEE5)

Siya, on the other hand, ends up in a faraway land. However, she decides to go back to Behraamgarh Haveli to save her husband. But to escape the clutches of Mohini, Siya decides to disguise herself as Kaali so that she goes unnotice and unrecognised. A new character Vanraj enters Siya’s life. He takes her to Behraamgarh. In the latest episodes, Vanraj was seen saving Siya’s life from a member of Mohini’s ghagra paltan disguised as Dayima.

Garima Rathore aka Siya in a still from Manmohni
Garima Rathore aka Siya in a still from Manmohni. (Source: ZEE5)

Mohini has been notified of her ‘sautan’ Siya’s arrival. However, she doesn’t let Ram catch any hint. What will Mohini do next to separate Siya and Ram? Will Siya be able to bring Ram back to his senses? Will Siya be able to find out where Mohini has kept her real Dayima? Stay tuned to find out if love wins this war or not.

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