Manmohini Story So Far: Shiv And Ananya In Love, But Will They Get Married?

Karam Rajpal and Vaishali Thakkar recently joined the Zee TV show as Shiv and Ananya. They were introduced post a 20-year generation-leap.

Karam Rajpal and Vaishali Thakkar in Manmohini

Manmohini is a supernatural romantic thriller starring Reyhna Pandit as a 500-year-old witch. The witch, named Mohini, is waiting to reunite with her lover who is reborn as Ram. However, Ram is married to Siya and there begins the love triangle. Mohini leaves no stone unturned to get Ram to love her, while Siya too puts up a good fight to save her husband and their marriage. Ankit Siwach and Garima Rathore are seen as Ram and Siya on the show until it took a 20-year generation leap.

In the episodes shown before the leap, Mohini kills Ram and Siya. However, Ram and Mohini’s son Mann manages to save Siya’s baby and escapes from Mohini’s clutches. In order to find Mann, Mohini marries his friend, Manasi’s father, Kamal. Actor Karam Rajpal was introduced as Mann aka Shiv, while Vaishali Thakkar’s character Ananya is actually Manasi. Mohini now desperately wants to meet Mann as she wants all her powers back and only he can return them. Not knowing that Shiv is actually Mann, Mohini tries to cause trouble in Shiv and Ananya’s love story.

Shiv, on the other hand, knows there is a witch who has cursed him. He falls for Ananya and both are head over heels in love. Ananya is hell bent on getting married to Shiv, but he instead agrees to tie the knot with her cousin Ketu. The latest episodes saw Shiv and Ketu’s haldi ceremony taking place. Ananya mixes chilli powder in the mixture to get Shiv to confess his real feelings for her, but he is adamant that he won’t. Ananya’s father Kamal also supports her and asks her to fight for her love. Mohini is shocked to find out that her spell is no longer working. But, she needs to get Kamal under her control again.

Will Shiv be able to find out that Mohini is the witch he has been looking for? Will Mohini come to know that Shiv is Mann? Will Shiv and Ananya’s love story get a happily ever after?

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