Monsoon Munchies: 8 Real People Share Their Mother’s Special Recipe For A Rainy Day Snacks

If it's raining, it's time for some chai with piping hot snacks! Here are a few mom-made recipes for you to try including Maggi noodles with a twist.

1. Chilli Garlic Toast

Chilli Garlic Toast
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There is something about monsoon that just gets you instantly hungry! The heavy downpour is best enjoyed with your favourite cup of chai or coffee with a plate full of lip-smacking snacks on the side. The piping hot beverage and snack combo is a trip to heaven and back if you ask us. Since it rains cats and dogs more than often, it is likely to run out of options for your evening/mid-day binge. We bring you eight mom-made recipes our in-house mavens love to relish on a rainy day!

Rukmini Chopra, a master with words, finds her taste buds tempting for chilli garlic toast and a big cup of chai. Sharing the easy-to-make recipe, Rukmini goes, “My mom first toasts the bread slices with sumptuous dollops of butter on it. Next, she adds grated cheese to the hot bread so that it melts. She then adds fried garlic pieces on top. The dish is finished with a humble sprinkling of chilli flakes and oregano.” Now ain’t that a quick one to satiate your hunger pangs?

2. Maggi Noodles With A Healthy Twist

Maggie with vegetables
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Ashutosh Oak loves sev bhujia or shev as he calls it, probably more than his bae. Another thing he loves too much is junk food. So to do away with the habit, his mother introduced him and his brother to a healthier version of Maggi noodles, because, catch them young they said! Well, the very mention of these instant noodles is met with a mouth-watering response, but wait for the twist we’d day!

“Besides the regular way to go about making Maggi noodles, my mom adds chopped onions, tomatoes and Schezwan sauce and a pinch of garam masala to the recipe. She follows the step with a tadka of mustard seeds, curry leaves, and cumin seeds. Lastly, to garnish the dish, she adds a layer of sev bhujia, some more chopped onions and shredded cheese with a final layer of coriander leaves,” Ashutosh shares. Ready to try Maggi noodles with a healthy twist? Hell yeah!

3. Potato Wedges

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Each time she cracks a joke, we go “That’s so Manjiri!” Manjiri Shete is the quirkiest one in our team and she for one knows about potatoes and tomatoes more than anyone. Naturally, she loves her maa ke haath ke potato wedges! To make this recipe, cut a potato into 7-8 wedges depending on the size. Boil them for two minutes.

Take cumin seeds, black peppercorns, red chilli powder and sea salt in a mortar and pound with a pestle. Take the potato wedges in a bowl, sprinkles some of the pounded masala and mix. Add refined flour and sprinkle a little water and mix. Heat enough oil in a kadai and deep fry the wedges, a few at a time, till golden and crisp. Sprinkle some pounded masala and serve it with tomato ketchup.

4. Maggi Noodles Pakoda

Maggi Noodles Pakora
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Parinika Uchil Roy’s mother is one masterchef. A strict vegetarian herself, Mrs. Uchil can give famous chefs a tough time when cooking non-vegetarian dishes. Parinika’s favourite monsoon snack made by her mum is the Maggi noodles pakoda.

“The recipe is simple, follow all the steps to make a pakoda except the main ingredient is Maggi noodles. First boil the noodles and then strain them with cool water to retain its texture. You can either add the taste enhancer given in the Maggi packet, to the bhajiya batter or add one or two Maggi cube tasteners and voila, life will be great again during the monsoon!” Parinika quips.

5. Sarva Pindi

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Sarva Pindi, a well-known dish that originated smewhere in Andhra Pradesh/Telangana is like a middle ground between roti and a pizza. The dish is Sneha Bale’s favourite, who otherwise swears by all things MARVEL-ous. Sarva Pindi is the Bale’s go-to rainy day snack and they highly recommend we try it!

Sharing the recipe of Sarva Pindi, Sneha says, “It has many spices and spring onions mixed with the dough. Make a roti from the same dough and lay it on the pan until it’s crisp and cooked. Serv with a dash of mirchi powder or chat Masala and a hot cup of coffee.”

6. Cauliflower Pakoda

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Shared by Sameera Kelkar, cauliflower pakodas are as tasty as unsual. It’s almost like making normal bhajiya or pakoras except that you can add cauliflower florets to the mixture. Not only are these healthy, but taste the best with a delicious masala chai on the side.

7. Spicy Khichdi With Hilsa Fish Pieces On The Side

Khichdi with hilsa fish
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Anindita Mallik was kind enough to pass on a delicious recipe of Khichudi with fried fish, and aren’t we glad? I mean, this combination is already making us want to try it right away! Now, in case you don’t know the recipe of a Khichdi, click here to watch how to make. As Anindita suggests, “you can add small chunks of cauliflowers, potatoes and a medley of aromatic spices such as cumin, turmeric, coriander. A few pieces of golden-fried hilsa fish on the side and you have a soul-filling meal!”

She even generously adds a tip for those trying the recipe, “Her mom would pour the oil the fish was fried in on the khichuri, which would enhance the taste manifold. PS: Try to get a piece of the fish with its egg!”

8. Chicken Soup

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Kenneth Carneiro has a pun for every situation and the ideal soup recipe for a #baarishbreak. “It’s a veg soup with like all chopped up carrots, cabbage, and other generic soup veggies…but she always adds chicken stock to it (just to make it non-veg somehow I guess),” shares Kenneth. “Best to consume it steaming hot or else it’s not even half good,” he leaves a bit of advice.

If you wish to try more recipes then watch Khana Khazana also streaming on ZEE5.