Never Kiss Your Best Friend Review: A ‘Complicated’ Story Every Millennial Will Relate To

Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh's latest ZEE5 series will make you relive the bittersweet memories you shared with your childhood friends.

Never Kiss Your Best Friend teaser poster

Romantic comedies are the most over-used and under-appreciated genre in entertainment. It is hard to find something that will leave you with a happy feeling after watching it. Never Kiss Your Best Friend does that for you. The series is based on the novel of the same name by Sumrit Shahi, who is also one of the writers on the series. Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh have a chemistry that keeps you glued and the ending would make you want to watch the show again.

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The show follows the lives of Tanie and Sumer in London, from their college days to their late twenties. Sumer is the quintessential troubled son who wants to become a filmmaker but is forced to study engineering and complete his MBA because of his father’s wishes. Tanie is the bright starry-eyed girl who has big ambitions and hopes to achieve all of them. While Sumer rebels openly, Tanie chooses to hide her rebellious side from her parents. Their friendship breaks towards the end of their college and as they reunite years later, they realise that their lives haven’t panned out as expected.

The show feels like you are watching two different stories, one a high school romance and the other a classic rom-com. Nakuul pursues his MBA in college and then leaves it to follow his passion of film making, but is struggling to make his way. Tanie is the bright student in college who everyone expects to become the young CEO of a big company but becomes a junior writer at a local magazine. Nakuul and Anya carry both the roles of young, dumb, reckless college students and 25-years olds stumbling their way through adulthood with equal ease.

The show gets a lot of things right about friendships. Sumer and Tanie protect each other from toxic relationships, support each other through break-ups, lie for each other to each other’s parents and have no filters around each other. The show also succeeds in showcasing the pain while trying to mend a broken friendship. This story takes you on a wild journey from taking a dig at pseudo-intellectuals, handling the subject of homosexuality sensitively, making jokes on masturbation and even ends up as a campaign against drugs.

Never Kiss Your Best Friend is really ‘Meta’. Sumer and Tanie keep calling out the generic plot-points and cliches in romantic stories, but then have a quintessential climax too. Tanie keeps breaking the fourth wall and talking to the audience, a funny way to reveal the thoughts going in her head. The character blames romantic novels for setting high expectations in relationships, but it is written by Sumrit Shahi and Durjoy Dutta, two of the foremost romance novelists of our time.

The songs ‘Jaane Na Dunga Kahin’ and ‘Jee Na Paunga’ add to the classic romantic vibe of the show and can become popular anthems even outside the show. The show is shot in a young and quirky way and the scenic locations in London make it even more appealing. The only drawback is the other characters, apart from Sumer and Tanie’s, is that they are not explored fully and they don’t get a chance to explain their actions.

This show is all about friendships that are more important than relationships. The audience would empathize with the feeling of being scared while getting into a relationship and ruining a good friendship. This series depicts the depth in friendships that people naively call ‘being friend zoned’, which assumes that a girl and a guy cannot be only best friends. In an age when people are lonelier than ever, Never Kiss Your Best Friend highlights the importance of having a trusted companion.

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