Nia Sharma’s Ultra-Femme Pantsuits Are A Guide To Power Dressing

Pantsuits made a comeback with Hillary Clinton's 2016 United States presidential campaign. Also jumping the bandwagon is our Jamai Raja actress.

Nia Sharma's pantsuits

Bold would be titanic of an understatement if we were, to sum up, Nia Sharma’s approach to life in general. Resonating her ‘I-don’t-give-a-damn’ attitude in wardrobe, the actress isn’t afraid to push the envelope. Cut to pantsuits. Spicing up the 80s fashion further with her own designs and versions is the Jamai Raja actress. Soon after the look was off the runaway in stores, 28-year-old Nia has been flaunting pantsuits often.

In fact, even her onscreen mother Achint Kaur is not far behind in the fashion race. Achint has been scoring high on our style barometer with her statements as D.D. Patel. Take a look:

Pantsuits are clearly a power dressing staple. They have been enjoying a special mention ever since Hillary Clinton campaigned for the US Presidential elections in 2016. The age-old bell bottom pants have made a comeback in combination too. Here, we have rounded up all the times the starlet flaunted her feminine side, leaving us pretty much obsessed.

1. The Oh-So-Hot Red

Going the classic way, Nia slipped into a red pantsuit for a promotion spree. The cropped blazer and side cutouts was a clear move away from the patriotic design. She paired it with a trendy pair of nude heels. Her locks were styled into a poker straight do while she let her red pout do all the talking. Chic much!

2. Prepossessing Pastels

Undertones and pastels have had all our loyalty this summer-spring season. Keeping up with her hatke sense of dressing up (even down), Nia wore a high-waisted, pastel blue trouser with a matching bra and blazer. She accessorised the statement look with a neck piece, white heels, side parting with curls and nude lips.

3. Blues To Beat The Blues

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Monochrome gives the otherwise run-of-the-mill men’s wear quite a feminine twist, while keeping the boss vibes intact. The long blue jacket takes the game to the next level! The tidy parting, metallic heels and reflectors only add oomph.

4. Bustier For Days

Prepping the playground for fall is the bustier. Pull ‘em pieces out and flash your guide to empowering dressing for every fashion follower. Steer clear of the conventional with this shiny co-ord bustier and pant set, the floral net jacket amps up the appeal.

Which of these are a Yay or a Nay for you? Comment and let us know. Want to read more about the dressing style? Share your queries or suggestions with us!