On National Milk Day Celebs Share Their Honest Opinion About Milk VS Veganism

National Milk Day is celebrated every year on November 26 to mark the birth anniversary of Dr Verghese Kurien, the father of India's White Revolution.

The Current Trend Of Veganism

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The significance of National Milk Day lies in the fact that this day, 26th November, celebrates the importance of milk in a person’s life. But how relevant is ‘Operation Flood’, which was launched in 1970 by India’s National Dairy Development Board, in today’s day and age?

India is a country that is highly influenced by western culture, be it clothes, food or entertainment. That said, you may have heard of Veganism in recent past where people cut down on animal-based products to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Well, there is nothing bad in it until and unless you come to know that Veganism does not allow, Milk or any of the dairy products.

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India is the largest producer of Milk in the world and it is a part of our daily life. Though it is nutrient-rich and high in proteins and vitamins, it also has lactose which produces lactic acid in the body. It is a debatable topic whether one should choose veganism or not, if you are planning to try it for the first time then here’s something that may help. Today, our favourite celebs share their honest opinion about Veganism and whether its a fad.

1. Saumya Tandon aka Anita Bhabi of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain

Saumya Tandon from Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain
Source: Instagram

Actress Saumya Tandon, aka everyone’s favourite Gori Mem Anita Bhabi of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, says “Definitely Vegan is not a fad at all, rather its a very strong philosophy and I believe in it. I am not a vegan yet but I am trying to be one. It is very difficult to be vegan completely but I totally endorse it. The reasons why I feel its the best way of life is because I genuinely feel that where your food comes from has a huge impact on your mental, emotional and physical being. I am a vegetarian and I just don’t understand the whole concept of being cruel to kill other living things to feed yourself. Even the process of acquiring meat is very bad and it also makes the environment imbalanced. I feel this is the least human beings can do to protect the environment and give back by not killing.”

“The second aspect of supporting vegan diet is not only the ethical value that I have for it but it is also better for your health as it brings down a lot of cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol and some people even say that it is good for cancer patients and it can also help to keep cancer at bay. Well, it’s not proven but that’s what they say. Its easier on the digestive system, it controls fat, body mass index is also controlled so all in all you sleep better, you feel better, you look better. In India, it is extremely difficult to follow the vegan diet because everything which is animal-based cannot be extracted so in principal I do follow this kind of a regime but I wouldn’t say I am strictly a vegan, but I do try and keep away from animal products. As far as milk is concerned, I don’t think human beings need milk after a certain age. There are a lot of allergies that are associated with lactose. I personally like curd and have curd and Paneer but I am trying to get it out of my diet. There are a lot of healthy alternatives available for milk that can give you protein and will be a better choice in life. So yes all the way support the vegan concept and I hope I will be able to strictly follow the vegan diet one day. Still on the path and hope to be there” shared the actress.

2. Shoaib Ali aka Rochak Of Dil Yeh Zidddi Hai

Shoaib Ali from Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai
Source: Instagram

Shoaib Ali who plays the character of Rochak Shivare in the popular Zee TV show Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai says, “I do prefer Veg over NonVeg. About the Vegan lifestyle, I think it is good because it keeps your system light and healthy because when we eat meat, our digestive system has to work a lot more than it does for veg. I also eat a lot of veggies with my meals like I always have salads that include carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, spinach, and sprouts. I used to include milk in my diet earlier but when I came to know that milk contains lactose and it can be a reason for lactic acid in your body, I stopped having cow milk and replaced it with almond milk because its a lot healthier.”

3. Pranali Ghogare aka Purva Of Raja Betaa

Pranali Ghogare from Rajaa Betaa
Source: Instagram

Actress Pranali Ghogare aka everyone’s favourite Purva has a unique point to say. She says “I am vegetarian now but I used to eat Non-Veg and being from a Maharashtrian family you have to eat non-veg. When I told my Nani that I am giving up on non-veg she was very disappointed in me. She tried to convince me by saying that you need strength and everything but I had made my mind. I have noticed a humongous difference in my body after I gave up non-veg and I also suggest my parents to give up non-veg food and eat satvik food but you cannot force it on everyone. Yes, switching to being vegetarian is a very nice option but when it comes to veganism you have to give up all the animal products. I tried veganism but I couldn’t sustain because of Chai. Its like fuel to my body so I can’t give up chai. But yes, I have restricted my milk intake and now I don’t indulge into milk products yes I do like Chaas but everything in moderation.”

She also said that “Apart from that, I think the animal products that we have are not in the purest form because if you are getting it fresh then it’s fine but if it’s packaged then it might be a problem in the long term. If you think you can sustain on veganism then its a very healthy lifestyle but if you can’t then there is no point on forcing your body to adopt a new lifestyle.  Yes, I do like sweets but I look for vegan options that are gluten-free and does not include dairy products. Because it has personally helped me so I would say switching to vegetarian is a nice option but veganism is a little difficult. Apart from that, there are a lot of trends going on like Keto, Gluten-free, Veganism but one should only do it if they think they can sustain or else there is no point stressing yourself over such things.”

So what is your take on this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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