Proof That Karan Jotwani Is An Ideal Son Just Like His Character On Aap Ke Aa Jane Se

Karan's real-life persona is very similar to his on-screen character of Sahil Agarwal on the popular Zee TV show.

An Instagram Picture Of TV Actor Karan Jotwani With His Mother

It’s rare to see an actor’s personality being similar to their on-screen characters. But Karan Jotwani as Sahil Agarwal in Aap Ke Aa Jane Se comes close. The actor plays an ideal partner as well as a loving son in the show. Watch how Sahil turns protective of Bimla in the show when Puneesh tries to throw her out of the house.

Don’t miss the scene at 10:32 in the episode below:

Just like Sahil, Karan is close to his family and values his relationships. The actor time and again has shared heartfelt posts on Instagram involving his loved ones. Check out this heartfelt post where he wishes his Dadi:

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"They're only looking forward to you; endlessly waiting for hours to get a glimpse of your face. You, justified, are tired on a long day, and have a life so thickly social, they, years of experience, nurturing you, watching you grow into that beautiful person, hoping you ONLY seek happiness, "Bache khush hum khush", these words can't be truer. We all will be here someday; aged, brittle, 'lonelier' possibly, hours of anticipation of a loved one to even show a face for 30 seconds. So, while you're still getting there, give them that heart of yours for a good some while, share a story, in fact, hear theirs, they get bored talking to themselves, and watch them unfold an animated tune. Life's really short, and you're possibly feeling old, but you know the old want to feel younger, and no better way to feel young, alongside them. Celebrate their existence, while they're here. Today She's 81 ♦️ Happy Birthday Jaaneman ♥️🌹😊

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In this video below, Karan spends time with his grandmother and encourages youngsters to “cherish” such moments with their family and friends.

Aside from his Dadi, Karan also shares a deep bond with his mother. This thank you message that he posted about his mother will melt your heart!

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I may not be as expressive when in person my mother but in my heart you’re rooted the deepest. I sense every movement of yours, every emotion, your sacrifices for all of us, the detailing in which you make sure that we feel sheltered in all aspects. The warmth. The affection. The teacher in you who is more of a friend to her students. There’s a reason why everyone describes you as a very welcoming, tender and an understanding human being. There’s no blurry vision on that, and won’t ever be. Thank you for everything. I aim to be a better version of myself, far behind you, but I hope you can somewhere be proud of the little things I’ve done as your son. Love, light and amazing years your way 💫 I love you 🌹 Happy birthday Pyaaari Ma ♥️

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Actors lead hectic lives and it’s easy for them to drift apart from their families. But we like how Karan takes the effort to spend quality time with his family and even encourages his fans to value these relationships.

Karan hails from Jalandhar and earned recognition through popular youth show Kaise Yeh Yaariyan, that also starred Niti Taylor and Parth Samthaan. The actor grew close to Niti and has even called her his soul sister. Karan’s love for his family and friends goes to show how compassionate and friendly he is. Right, ladies?

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