Raise Your Glasses To The Performers On ZEE5’s First Live Comedy Original, Comedy Shots

ZEE5 ventures into stand-up comedy with Comedy Shots. From Aadar Malik & Rahul Dua to Gaurav Kapoor & Sanjay Rajoura, you'll see a good mix of talent.

1. Aadar Malik

Aadar Malik is a contestant on comedy shots
Source: YouTube

ZEE5 has been dipping it’s toes in new waters. With Comedy Shots, ZEE5 enters the stand-up comedy space featuring comedians from around the country. This show has a good blend of new and upcoming talent with other established names. With dark comedy and light humour represented in equal measure. Here’s a list of the contestants in no particular order.

Aadar Malik is an actor, singer and nephew to music composer Anu Malik. However, he is most popular for being a stand-up comedian who uses music as a part of his act. His comedy special, ‘Standup: The Musical’ is the right blend of both his attributes. He also was part of ‘SNG’ one of the most popular comedy channels in the country. Here’s him being his regular funny self on Twitter where you will also find tour dates to watch him live.

2. Gaurav Kapoor

Gaurav Kapoor is a contestant on ZEE5's Comedy Shots
Source: YouTube

Gaurav Kapoor never fails to leave the audiences in splits with his riffs about being a middle class man. His one hour comedy special ‘Ha Ha Kaar’ is perfect for everyone bored of a corporate job as well as those not seeking too much ‘adrenaline’ in their lives. Watch this clip of him attempting to rap about marital fights but also to get tour dates to watch him live.

3. Anubhav Singh Bassi

Anubhav Singh Bassi is a contestant on ZEE5's Comedy Shots
Source: YouTube

Anubhav Singh Bassi is a Jatt from Meerut whose ways of copying in exams became extremely viral for epic fails. This stand-up comedian still calls himself a lawyer first and a stand-up comedian second, for job security? He is currently touring with his stand-up solo show ‘Bas Kar Bassi‘, go out and watch him perform in your city.

4. Sanjay Rajoura

Sanjay Rajoura is a contestant on ZEE5's Comedy Shots
Source: YouTube

Sanjay Rajoura is part of the trio ‘Aisi Taisi Democracy’ with Varun Grover and Rahul Ram. His firebrand humour classified as satire but he also aims his comedy at the problems with a corporate life which he lived for 10 years. He has his own show called ‘Bharat Ek Mauj‘ where the dissects the Indian political scene today.

5. Rahul Dua

Rahul Dua is a contestant on ZEE5's Comedy Shots
Source: YouTube

Rahul Dua is the incredibly funny comedian who was the runner-up in the first season of a popular stand-up based reality show. He even formed a comedy duo with the show’s eventual winner, Nishant Suri, and formed The Dua-Suri Show. He also has a sole show ‘Oh Hello’ where he rants about jeans among other topics.  Follow him on Twitter to get notifications about his stand-up clips and future live shows.

6. Pratyush Chaubey

Pratyush Chaubey is a contestant on ZEE5's Comedy Shots
Source: YouTube

Pratyush Chaubey is a deeply personal comedian who mines his life for jokes. His fans have been following him right since he gave up job to follow comedy, bought a Netflix account and more recently discovered he needs feminism. His toured with his stand-up solo show ‘Utna Confidence Nahi Hai’. Follow him on Facebook to get updates about his new shows and videos.

7. Sumaira Sheikh

Sumaira Shaikh is a contestant on ZEE5's Comedy Shots
Source: YouTube

Sumaira Shaikh has a unique deadpan delivery for her dark jokes. She offers a different take on old subjects like schools and grandparents. She has also performed as a comedy duo with Urooj Ashfaq, from Queens of Comedy, as the ‘2 Broke Girls’. Follow her on Instagram to get random jokes in her stories as well as future live shows.

Sumit Anand

Sumit Anand is a contestant on ZEE5's Comedy Shots
Source: YouTube

Sumit Anand is another comedian with an unsual style of delivering his jokes. This English comedian from Haryana leaves his audience flabbergasted and throws shade at Mukesh Ambani for not having any time and all the money. His stand-up solo show ‘Nothing About Godzilla’ is equally funny as his one-liners on Twitter. Follow him to find out about his future shows.

Catch these comedians come together and deliver short but strong humour in Comedy Shots. This show is filmed with live studio audience at the iconic comedy venue in Mumbai, The Habitat, Khar, and will release on your screens soon.