The Mentalhood Quiz
The Mentalhood Quiz
Try to implement strategies to make homework more interesting and fun for them.
Make them finish the homework by staying up late.
Email their teacher about an extension
Ask them to take deep breaths and not stress out.You believe in slow and steady wins the race
Help them out by doing it by yourself.
Let your child participate as trust is all that matters.
Not allow them to participate. Nothing should come in the way of studies.
Meet your kids' friends to know them better
You go with your child for every practice for parental supervision
I only find out after they have enrolled themselves
My kids are vaccinated against everything and never get sick
Stay up all night to take care of my child
Give them medicines and then send them to school
Send them to school anyway
Brew a herbal remedy at home
Let them suffer the consequences so that they become a better person
Correct their mistake yourself
Forgive them straight away
Punish them
Explain to them why their actions were wrong
Explain that the world is full of failures and you will not let your child be one of them
Tell them that they can quit
Push them to succeed but simultaneously praise their efforts for trying
Tell them to take a break as there are more things in life rather than worrying about being perfect
Tell your child that they cannot do it anyway and had better give it up
My child has their own identity, and therefore, a life of their own
Not much to very much. Depends on the situation.
My maid takes care of my kid
Somewhat involved
Very much involved
Praise them for their efforts because getting an A every time is an unrealistic expectation
Offer them an incentive to do better next time
Blame the teacher for not teaching well
Cut off the TV and blame it for the kids’ performance
Get a tutor for them
My maid drops my child
Carefree because my kids are great at handling themselves
Worried about them all day
Relieved because they will make new friends
Confident because I know they won’t dare to be mischievous in school
My child will study for the next term
Chill at home
Go out camping to experience the beauty of nature
Swimming lessons
Summer camp of their choice (which is actually mine)
Get fast food for them
Cajole them to eat and feed them with your own hands
I can’t handle this stress after work. If they don’t want to eat, they can go to bed without dinner
Insist that they finish the dinner
Prepare something healthy but delicious that they will not be able to resist eating