This Romantic Video of Guddan And AJ From Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Will Make Your Day

Guddan and AJ started finding love for the first time in Goa. Here's a short compilation of their special moments.

Guddan and Akshat Jindal's Love Story

It’s only very recently that Guddan and AJ started getting along with each other on the show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega. AJ used to be aloof and always kept Guddan at an arm’s length from him. Today they are friends who love and support each other. The seeds of this change started in Goa. Guddan had a ‘rocky’ time in Goa and AJ stood by her side on that holiday.

It is set to the soulful tune of Lae Dooba from the movie Aiyaary. Watch the video of the romantic moments from their Goa trip here.

It shows the way Guddan and AJ came close to each other gradually during their time in Goa. AJ lifts Guddan when she injures her foot on the beach. He takes her out on a yatch and a water-bike where Guddan gets scared and holds him.

Guddan tries to play Holi with AJ and again falls in his arms by mistake. Later AJ protects Guddan from Rocky. Guddan hugs him and AJ re-marries her on the romantic beaches of Goa.

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