Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani Stands By Malhar’s Side, Vows To Get Him Out Of Jail

Kalyani tries her best to stop Malhar from going to jail. However, she fails.

In the recent episodes of Tujhse Hai Raabta, Atharva along with Sampada and Aao Saheb cook up a plan to put Malhar Rane behind bars. They frame him for the murder of Rao Saheb by using a fake suicide letter. Kalyani had found the real letter, but the letter was replaced before it reached the police.

Kalyani soon realizes that something is wrong. She notices the colour of paper in the real suicide letter being different to the one that went to the police. She decides to uncover the truth and bring Malhar out of jail.

Watch the clip of Malhar returning home from jail here.

Kalyani makes everyone at home to do a handwriting check to see if their handwriting matches the one in the letter. While this search turns out to be fruitless, it scares Sampada, Atharva and Aao Saheb. They decide to give Kalyani sleeping pills so that she is out of the picture till they get revenge on Malhar.

Kalyani deals with a lot of other things during that time too. Her son, Moksh, is mistakenly fed a large dose of medicine which puts him to sleep for a long time too. Her father, Atul, wants Kalyani to break all contact with Malhar. Anupriya, is the only one who tries to help Kalyani meet Malhar.

Kalyani along with Anupriya manages to beat the traps set by others. She finds out that Sampada overdosed Moksh and tried to punish her for it. She also goes against her own father and decides to take Moksh to meet Malhar in jail.

Kalyani takes Moksh to Malhar
Kalyani takes Moksh to Malhar

Malhar doesn’t want to speak to her. Yet she answers Malhar’s call and asks Moksh to speak to him on the phone. She finds out from the doctor that Aajoba had paralysis and could not write the suicide letter. She brings out this truth to the entire family. Thus, helping Malhar get out of jail.

Will Malhar stops his cold-shouldered attitude towards Kalyani after seeing all that she did for him. Keep watching Tujhse Hai Raabta, on ZEE5 to find out.