Zee Rishtey Awards 2019: Kumkum’s Abhi Or Guddan’s AJ, Vote For Best Male Character

Both AJ and Abhi play the role of fathers to grown up daughters on Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega and Kumkum Bhagya respectively. Who is your favourite?

1. Die-Hard Romantic V/s Reluctant Paramour

It’s not easy being a parent to teenagers. Two fathers who are recently finding that out are, Abhi from Kumkum Bhagya and AJ from Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega. On the show, they both hold very cool jobs and live comfortable lives where Abhi is a rockstar and AJ is a top chef. Let’s see how these two characters, who are nominated for Best Male Character in the Zee Rishtey Awards 2019, fared as fathers and husbands on their shows before you pick your favourite.

Abhi plays the the hardcore romantic with his wife Pragya, and their romance has become stuff of legends. Even after their 20 year separation their romance stays intact and he goes to extreme lengths including running after cars to catch a glimpse of Pragya. On Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Akshat and Guddan have a different chemistry. Akshat and Guddan are very different and have a huge age gap. They constantly disagree on different topics, with sometimes Guddan leaving the house, sometimes AJ leaving the house and sometimes both of them leaving the house together. However, they always find a way to save their marriage and find love for each other once again.

2. Both Are Stern But Sweet Fathers

Abhi has to deal with Rhea who is a spoilt brat and a troublemaker. AJ has to deal with his daughter Alisha who was in jail and he didn’t even know she existed until recently. Akshat and Abhi are both forced to be strict with their daughters who will do anything to get their father’s love and attention. However, Abhi and Akshat both try to handle them by being strict and nice as per the situation. They are both convinced by their wives Pragya and Guddan to be more understanding with their daughters. Watch AJ prepare a cake for Alisha’s first birthday with him here.

3. Experience With Catching Criminals

Akshat and Abhi have had to deal with quite a lot of criminals on the show. While Abhi was recently seen tackling a bunch of gold smugglers in his house, AJ has had to deal with kidnappers on multiple occasions in the show. However, the real crimes that happened to them were from their close ones. Abhi lost his first daughter Kiara because of King Singh who also had the trust of Pragya. The death of Kiara also drove apart Abhi and Pragya. AJ was also attacked by his ex-wife Antara who he trusted even above Guddan for a while.

Which one do you think is the more impressive among Abhi and AJ? Vote here.

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