ZEEL Adds Another Regional Channel To Its Cluster, To Launch Zee Punjabi On 13 January

Zee Punjabi will bring stories of the inherent Punjabi spark to Punjab and its people and will be launched on 13 January 2020.

Zee Punjabi channel

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL) is set to introduce Zee Punjabi, the Punjabi General Entertainment Channel on the auspicious day of Lohri, 13th January, 2020. The channel presents a content lineup that includes fiction and non-fiction TV shows along with music that will resonate with Punjab and its people.

Manjit Hans, channel head of Zee Punjabi, was present at the ZEE5 January 2020 calendar launch event. Hans revealed the channel promo along with a brand anthem featuring Gurdas Maan. Check out the video below to know what Hans has to say about Zee Punjabi:

Amongst the five fiction shows are Khasma Nu Khani, Kamli Ishq Di, Tu Patang Main Dor, Heer Ranjha, Vilayti Bhabhi. Let’s take a look at what each of these is about closely.

1. Khasma Nu Khani: Desho, a simple girl from the rustic parts of Punjab is happily married to Gurminder, until success takes him way ahead and he is now embarrassed of Desho and her roots. He falls in love with Aisha Rajpoot, a modern younger girl from his office. What happens when Desho finds out about the affair and how will she save her marriage?

2. Kamli Ishq Di: It is essentially a romantic drama where the story will revolve around Veer, who aspires to join the Indian Army and Maahi, a free spirited girl who falls in love with Veer. However, his aspirations come in between their love. Will Veer and Maahi’s love and understanding be able to survive all that is being conspired against them? Will Veer and Maahi drift apart or will they come together and face all the odds? well, only time will tell. A unique love triangle – Maahi, Veer and the Watan.

3. Tu Patant Main Dor: A cross border story that tests the strength of True Love in a Punjab divided and still devastated by the events of 1947. A period love story that challenges the line that divides the heart of Punjab in two. Aman & Zarina’s love story seems impossible because they are separated by a river of hate and mistrust.

4. Heer Ranjha: The show is an epic romance that has shaped folklore of the Indian subcontinent for several hundred years. It tells the story of two star crossed lovers, whose love is as exquisite as it is doomed. Zee Punjabi retells this epic saga through the eyes of Heer. Aaj bhi har Heer apne Raanjhe Ka Intezaar Karti Hai!

5. Vilayti Bhabhi: An ambitious Punjabi boy –Sandy, settled in Canada comes back to his hometown in Punjab due to financial constraints and discovers that he can make a lot more money staying here and live a life of luxury thanks to the fascination his villagers have for his NRI wife Emily. He decides to open NRI grooming classes where his wife is the teacher. A bunch of quirky characters from the village, all with their own dreams become part of these classes and the ensuing chaos that follows in the village and their family due to the presence of an ‘NRI’ forms the core of the story.

Besides, India’s biggest reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is all set to enter Punjab. Hasdeyan De Ghar Vasde, an out n out comedy show, is another offering in the reality shows bouquet. Get ready to fill your family weekend evenings with laughter with Jee Aayan Nu, afun ride which will take viewers to cities, towns, villages and Mohallas of Punjab and make people laugh & play together. Aajo Jinhe Khedna is another game show that will go live on Zee Punjabi.

Besides daily soaps and reality television, the channel shall also boast of a robust movie and music library. Get ready to tune into latest blockbusters and the freshest music library with chartbuster songs!


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In the meantime, enjoy Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao’s The Wakhra Song: